Pathbase: PB 94672


Pathbase Image PB 94672 submitted by Jackson Laboratory Aging Program on 2010-08-10
EMAP / Embryonic stage,
tissue or post-natal age:
99998 - Adult
Genotype Status:Wild-type
MPATH / Pathology:MPATH 294 - myoepithelioma
Genetic Manipulation:None
MA / Anatomical Site:MA 2564 - exocrine gland
Designated Allele Name:
Experimental Manipulation:
Description:This is a tumor from a 375 day old female C3H/HeJ mouse. It is composed of whorls and fasicles of spindle shaped cells with elongated nuclei reminiscent of smooth muscle cell nuclei. However, this is a myoepithelioma, a tumor arising from myoepithelial cells, contractile cells within the efferent ducts from exocrine glands. exocrine gland [MA:0002564]


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