Mouse Pathology On-Line

Courtesy of Dr Laurence Fiette and the EUROGEMS mouse pathology course

Mouse genetics

Jackson Lab Almost everything about
MGI, Mouse Genome Informatics genetics. mutants etc
MGI, mouse nomenclature home page Genes, alleles, mutations strains
IMSR-International Mouse Strain Resource Genetic glossary
Lee Silver's Mouse genetics Web version of the from L. Silver, 1995
Transgenic Animal Web Breeding suggestions


SHIRPA protocols
Necropsy, trimming
EULEP, EUropean Late Effects Project Covelli's Necropsy protocol & pictures
Virtual Mouse Necropsy, NIAID, with drawings
Eumorphia EC Integrated research programme
RENI, Registry Nomenclature Information System Trimming guidelines
Organ sampling & trimming Joint publication
RITA & NACAD Groups Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Exp Tox Pathol 2003, 55, 91 / 2004 55, 413 / 2004, 55, 433
Histological techniques Immunoportal IHC, ISH protocols, downloads, links
Protocols on line Useful links research protocols
University of Utah Histology procedures
University of Columbia-Medical School Various links to protocols
University of Bristol Histological techniques, simple
DAKO Handbook
Handbook about basic IHC
University of Columbia-Medical School List of Ab for mouse tissues http://Antibodies_for_mouse_IHC.html
PHL murine IHC database Searchable DTB, technical information
NIEHS-Laboratory of Experimental Pathology Technical information, images
MTB-Jackson Lab Searchable database
technical information, images  

Phenotyping (following)

Academic phenotyping labs German Mouse Clinic GSF, Munich
Institut Clinique de la Souris Strasbourg, France
Mutant Mouse Pathology Laboratory University of California, Davis, USA
University of Cornell GEM Phenotyping Core Facilitty
NCI Pathology & Histotechnology Laboratory Frederick, USA
Yale University, USA
Ohio State University USA
ULAM, Unit for laboratory Animal Medicine University of Michigan, USA
RADIL, Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory University of Missouri, USA
Rodent Phenotyping Center John Hopkins Medicine, Maryland
Private Frimorfo Fribourg, Switzerland
Charles River Laboratories USA, Europe
Taconic USA

Searching for my mouse

Searchable DTB MGI-Mouse Genome Informatics-Jackson
CGMCC- Center Genome Mouse Friedberg
Phenome database-Jackson Phenotypic & genotypic data
ILAR-Institute for Laboratory Animal research National Academy Science, models list
Mouse Tumor Biology Database Tumor search, strain search
Frontiers in Bioscience Various topics including KO DTB
Academic resources & repositories IFMR-International Federation of Mouse Resources Consortium USA-Canada-Europe-Japon
IMSR-International Mouse Strain Resource
IMR-Induced Mutant Resource-Jackson
MMHCC-Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium- NCI
MMRRC-Mouse Mutant Regional Resource Center Consortium
ORNL-Oak Ridge National Laboratory
RIKEN Institute Bioresource Center Large scale mutagenesis programme
EMMA-European Mouse Mutant Archive European Consortium
MGU- Mouse Genetics Unit MRC Harwell Mutagenesis Programme
CMHD-Centre For Modelling Human Diseases Different research areas, Toronto
JMSR-Japan Mouse Strain Resource
CARD R-BASE- Center for Animal Resource & Development, Japan
MMCDD-Mouse Mutagenesis Center for Developmental Defects
  Baylor College of Medecine Genetically-Engineered%20Mice.html
TMGC-Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium 88 mutants defined
Neuromice Development, distribution neuro models

Searching for my mouse (following)

Private Charles River Laboratories

Pathology of GEMS

Images Pathbase DTB histopatho mutants & GEMS
MMHCC Normal histo, & neoplasms
The Visible Mouse Histo, patho prostate, mammary, ovary
Mouse Tumor Biology Database (MTB) Jackson's DTB on tumors
Lesions of genetically engineered mice
Pathology & Biology of Genetically-Engineered Mice NIAID,-NIH, major links
RENI pathology mouse Classification of tumors, glossary
Infectious diseases Tutorial from Steve Barthold

Comparative Pathology

MMHCC models Reviews comparative patho
DHMD, Dysmorphic Human-Mouse Homology Database
Recommendations Pubmed reference
Lymphoid organs Bethesda classification PubMed&list_uids=12070034&dopt=Abstract
Non lymphoid hematopoietic Bethesda classification PubMed&list_uids=12070033&dopt=Abstract
Mammary tumors Anannapolis meeting PubMed&list_uids=10713680&dopt=Abstract
Neuropathology Neuropatho of GEMS PubMed&list_uids=12386807&dopt=Abstract
Mouse models of intestinal cancer Consensus report & recommendations PubMed&list_uids=12612914&dopt=Abstract

Sites dedicated to specific organs

Mammary gland UC Davis Mouse Mammary Gland Site
Slides from GEMS mammary tumors
MMPL Mouse
Mammary gland development database

Sites dedicated to specific organs (following)

Neurology Neuroanatomy Lab resource Appendice Numerous links about nervous system
High resolution mouse brain atlas Wonderful atlas
MBL-Mouse Brain Library Very interesting too, atlas
Neuropheno tenessee
Miscellaneous Glandular organs development database  Links to kidney, saliv. gland, lung sites
Kidney development database Large information, ref not updated kidney
Immune systems mutants Harvard
Lymphoma leukemia
CVCGD-Cardiovascular comparative genomics database
Skin Nice pictures, skin mutants
Leiden muscular dystrophies

Histology & Pathology on the Web

Histology NIH histology atlas
Deltagen histology atlas
Texas histology CD ROM for sale
University Illinois Atlas of Histology
University Iowa Virtual slidebox
Pathology Pathopic
Bioscience Tumor atlas
Brown Medical School Digital pathology
University of Washington
Links Martindale's virtual medical center Numerous links
University of Arizona Links
Pathmax Links


EMAP Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project Wonderful 2D, 3D
Bioscience Atlas of human embryogenesis
Multidimensional human embryo
The Visible Embryo
Human Embryology Book chapters with animations


RENI links

Mail lists, forums

Whole Mouse Catalog
Transgenic list
PHENOME-LISTservice discussion of strain characterization, phenotypic data &related topics.
Bionet lists

Mouse Molecular Genetics and Mutation Databases

Gene Expression Databases

Anatomy and Pathology

Links to Radiation Biology, Radiation Protection and Regulatory Agencies

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