Pathbase: PB 3410


Pathbase Image PB 3410 submitted by helmholtz center munich, inst f radiation biology on 2003-07-08
Strain:BALB/c ; CBA F2
EMAP / Embryonic stage,
tissue or post-natal age:
99999 - Senescent
Genotype Status:Mosaic
MPATH / Pathology:MPATH 397 - osteosarcoma
Genetic Manipulation:None
MA / Anatomical Site:MA 1450 - thoracic vertebra 13
Designated Allele Name:
Experimental Manipulation:Radiation
Description:X-ray dense tumor tissue appearing in the last thoracic vertebrae of a female BALB/c x CBA F2 mouse, age 529 days,
about 430 days after 227Thorium injection.
for histology see linked image record.


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