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Pathbase Image PB 13560 submitted by Pathbase on 2003-08-14
beta-2 microglobulin
Strain:C57BL/6J-TgN(Amy1TAg)501Knw B2mtm1Unc
EMAP / Embryonic stage,
tissue or post-natal age:
Genotype Status:Hemizygous
MPATH / Pathology:MPATH 397 - osteosarcoma
Genetic Manipulation:Transgenic-Overexpression
MA / Anatomical Site:MA 358 - liver
Designated Allele Name:B2mtm1Unc
Experimental Manipulation:
Description:Osteosarcoma liver metastases in a B2 microglobulin null mutant.


Further Information
Gene Ontology Terms associated with the genes involved in this lesion may be searched on AMIGO by clicking on each GO ID number below:
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0005615 - extracellular space
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0005886 - plasma membrane
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0005887 - integral to plasma membrane
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0006952 - defense response
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0006968 - cellular defense response
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0019883 - antigen presentation, endogenous antigen
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0019885 - antigen processing, endogenous antigen via MHC class I
Search AmiGO:GO ID: 0030106 - MHC class I receptor activity
Search PubMed:PubMed number: 10951695
Search MGI@Jax:Gene: B2m
Search MGI@Jax:Gene: beta-2 microglobulin
Search MGI@Jax:Gene: SVT
Images of the same study:Study number: 2155
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