Fuzzy (fz) Chr1

The fuzzy mutation arose spontaneously in 1945 in the CFW stock of Dr. Canochan at the Carworth Farms. An allele (fz2J) arose spontaneously in 1979 in the AKR/J strain at The Jackson Laboratory. Additional alleles have been found either arising spontaneously or in ENU mutagenesis programs. The gene was originally mapped to Chr. 1, 5 cM from the centromere. The mutation appears to have been identified and this should be published in the near future.

Mutant mice can be identified as early as 6 days of age by the presence of thin and wavey vibrissae and an uneven hair coat over the body. Plucked hairs are wavy with many areas that are flattened to form constrictions at bends. Early studies found abnormalities in the dermal papilla within anagen hair follicles and scattered dilated piliary canals filled with hair fiber debris.


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