Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (Egfr) Chr11

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (Egfr), Chr. 11, 9.0 cM, Genome Coordinates: 16647773-16809479

There are two spontaneous mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor, alleles of waved-2 (Egfrwa2, Egfrwa2), 3 chemically induced (EgfrDsk5, EgfrVel, and Egfrwa5), and 5 targeted alleles (EgfrtmArge, Egfrtm1Mag, Egfrtm1Rdk, Egfrtm1Wag, and Egfrtm2(EGFR)Wag). The waved-2 alleles were discovered once the Tgf null demonstrated that it was the gene mutated in the waved-1 mutation. Since Egfr is the receptor for Tgf, this was a likely candidate gene for the phenotypic mimic waved-2. Both mutant mice are normal except for wavy hair. Those on the C3H background also have retinal degeneration in those homozygous for rd1, which is sometimes misinterpreted to be part of this mutant phenotype. Null mutations of Egfr express a variety of phenotypes depending upon their genetic background.


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