Pathbase: PB 24097


Pathbase Image PB 24097 submitted by University of Cambridge on 2003-11-01
Strain:C57BL/6 CRL
EMAP / Embryonic stage,
tissue or post-natal age:
99994 - Newborn
Genotype Status:Wild-type
MPATH / Pathology:MPATH 458 - normal
Genetic Manipulation:None
MA / Anatomical Site:MA 1602 - lower jaw molar
Designated Allele Name:
Experimental Manipulation:
Description:High power view of first molar cusp very close to breaking the integrity of the oral mucosa during eruption.
At the top of the image the orthokeratinised oral mucosa is seen. Bordering the basal epithelial layer of the oral mucosa is a stratified squamous epithelium emanating from the enamel organ, which will eventually fuse with the mucosal epithelium. This process ensures the integrity of the mucosal barrier during eruption.


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